GPIB Bus Extenders

ICS's 4897 and 4897L GPIB Bus Extenders provide a high-speed fiber-optic link to control remote GPIB instruments. Works with all GPIB and HP-IB instrument without program changes.


Model 4897 GPIB Bus Extender


4897 and 4897L
Data Sheet
GPIB Connector/Address Switch datasheet

Photo- 4897 GPIB Bus Extender • Extends the GPIB Bus up to 5 km with 62.5/125 fiber-optic cable.

• Extends the GPIB Bus up to 600 feet with coaxial cable.

• > 600,000 bytes/second data transfer rates

• Buffered and unbuffered data transfers.

• High isolation and noise immunidywith fiber-optic link.

• IEEE-488.2 compliant and correct Find Listener responses.

• No program changes required.

• 1 U high rack mount kit mounts one or two 4897s

• Includes US 115 VAC Power Adapter

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Model 4897L GPIB Bus Extender

Photo- 4897L GPIB Bus extender • Extends the GPIB Bus up to 15 km with single-mode fiber-optic cable.

• Uses SC type fiber connectors.

• All other specifications the same as listed above for the 4897.

GPIB Bus Extenders extend the GPIB bus up to 15 km