GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface

ICS's GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface is a new type of interface that enables you to add a Ethernet based instrument to your GPIB test system. Many manufacturers are now introducing new instruments without GPIB interfaces believing that new test systems will only be built as Ethernet systems and discontinuing their older GPIB instruments. This leaves the engineer who has to expand or maintain GPIB Test Systems with less instruments to choose from when it is time to replace an older instrument or to expand the test station's capabilities.

ICS's 4865B GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface solves this problem by providing a transparent GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface that converts a LAN Instrument into a GPIB Instrument. Existing GPIB programs can run without change if the LAN instrument responds to the same commands.

The new 4865B is 2x to 5x faster than the original 4865 and now includes support for instruments with raw socket protocol as well as those using the VXI-11 protocol.

GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface

8065 The Model 4865B is an enhanced GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface that allows any LAN or LXI Instrument that supports the VXI-11 standard or raw socket protocol to be controlled from the GPIB Bus. The 4865B acts as a standard GPIB device, transparently sending GPIB commands and device messages to the instrument. Instrument responses are output on the GPIB bus when the 4865B is addressed to talk.

The new 4865B is fully backward compatible with the older 4865. Download the 4865B data sheet as a PDF file.
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