GPIB BusStrip™

ICS's 4801 series BusStrips provide 8 GPIB connectors with less capacitance than a 1/2 meter GPIB cable. Available with bench and rack mounting brackets.

Eliminates cable nightmares and stresses on instrument connectors.

Model 4801 GPIB BusStrip™

4801 photo • Provides 8 GPIB Connectors with metric lock studs.

• Rugged EMI/RFI proof metal case.

• Low capacitance PC board does not degrade high speed signals.

• Eliminates piggy-back connector stack-ups that can damage an instrument.

• Improves system cabling and eases system documentation.

• Available with rack mounting or benchtop mounting brackets.

Download the 4801
Data Sheet

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GPIB BusStrip™ solves GPIB Cabling problems