About ICS

ICS Electronics combines leading edge GPIB, Ethernet, Serial, USB and VXI Bus technologies to create innovative products for the test, measurement and control. From simple USB to GPIB Controllers to GPIB interfaces for test instruments, from standard Ethernet Interfaces to custom Ethernet interfaces for OEMs, from VXI Bus interfaces to custom VXI Shield Kits, from Modbus Interfaces and protocol converters, and Modular Switch Control products, ICS delivers unique solutions for controlling test systems, and for interconnecting devices and for adapting devices to different buses.

Mission and Products

For over 38 years, ICS Electronics has been dedicated to bringing its customers the most innovative and versatile controllers, interfaces, and test modules to automate any test or control systems. ICS's interface products save the the user many hours of development time and shorted his time to market. ICS customizes its interfaces for OEM applications.

GPIB Products:

ICS's makes a complete range of GPIB bus products starting with GPIB bus Controllers that work with all Win32 platforms and operating systems. ICS's Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller adds Ethernet capability to ICS's line of GPIB Bus Controllers and expands GPIB control to virtually any computer with a network interface.

ICS's GPIB bus extension products overcome the GPIB bus's address, distance and fanout limitations. Other GPIB bus modules add control, sense, and switching capabilities to GPIB test systems. ICS's standard and custom GPIB interfaces adapt devices with digital, serial or analog signals to the GPIB bus. ICS customizes the firmware in its standard products to satisfy the needs of its OEM customers.

ICS recently introduced a new, more compact GPIB Bus Switch for automating test systems.

Ethernet Products:

ICS's Ethernet to GPIB Controller and Ethernet Interfaces use the VXI-11 standard protocol so they can be controlled by any computer. ICS's Ethernet Interfaces provide digital IO, relay contacts and control Modbus RTU devices. ICS's custom Ethernet Interfaces combine Ethernet, GPIB and USB to control VXI modules and Modbus RTU devices. Many of the interfaces also support raw-socket for TCP/IP communication.

Modbus Control Products:

ICS' Ethernet and GPIB-to-Modbus interface products eliminate the need for packetizing routines when interfacing Modbus RTU devices. ICS's serial to Modbus Converters provide protocol and register conversion for updating older systems with modern Process Controllers.

VXI Bus Products:

ICS's VXI Bus products start with the industry's broadest range of VXI module hardware shield kits that provide side shields and blank or custom front panels to enclose virtually any VXI Bus module. ICS' register based interface cards and accompanying prototyping boards to assist users who want to quickly put together their own VXI Bus module. ICS makes a custom VXI Slot 0 controller card with LXI certified firmware.

Serial Products:

ICS's still manufactures its older serial products for users who depend upon them in their application. These products add digital control, contact closures and analog I/O capability to systems that use RS-232 or RS-485 serial networks. In point-to-point or in RS-485 network applications, ICS's serial products provide GPIB functionality over the serial link.

Historical Overview

ICS Electronics was formed in 1978 to build GPIB interfaces that would adapt existing instruments to the GPIB bus. In 1980, ICS built the first serial-to-GPIB bus controller that let computers control a GPIB bus over a serial link. In 1981, ICS built the first GPIB bus Isolator and Expander. In 1982, ICS started building Bus Extenders with the capability to extend GPIB bus systems to anywhere in the world. In 1986, ICS built the first GPIB controlled GPIB Bus Switch. In 1987, ICS built the first of its patented fiber-optic Extenders that extend the GPIB bus without degrading the data transfer speed as extension distance increases. ICS has continued to extend the range of its bus extenders which now can achieve distances in excess of 25 kilometers. ICS continues to expand its GPIB interface cards with products that make it easier and less expensive to adapt products to the GPIB bus.

In 1990, ICS joined the VXI Bus Consortium and participated in the development of the IEEE VXI Bus Standard. In 1991, ICS built the industry's first message-based VXI interface card and introduced its first VXI module shield kits. Next came complete VXI Bus modules with serial and GPIB interfaces. In 1993, ICS developed its Slot 0 Controller for operating remote VXI test systems. Other VXI Bus products include a 386EX message-based interface card and VXI test modules with VXI Fast Data Channel capability. This unique capability combines message-based functionality with the high data transfer rate of the VXI Bus. In 1999, ICS developed a low-cost VXI register based interface card and its accompanying prototyping modules.

In 1999, ICS developed its GPIB-to-Modbus Controllers that eliminate the need for packet preparation and checking software and simplified the task of controlling Modbus RTU devices from the GPIB bus. Today, ICS Electronics continues to build a mix of standard and custom products for the Test and Measurement industry.

In 2002, ICS announced its first USB to GPIB Bus Controllers that make it possible for portable and desktop PCs to run GPIB instruments from USB ports.

In 2005, ICS released its GPIB AnyWhere™ software that make it possible to control compatible GPIB Controllers from various locations over a company LAN or over the Internet. Also in 2005, most products were converted to use RoHS components and a lead-free solder fabrication process.

In 2006, ICS released an Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller that lets any computer, with a network interface, control GPIB instruments without the need for special drivers. ICS also released its first VXI-11.3 compatible interface.

In 2008, ICS released an Ethernet-to-GPIB Interface that adapts GPIB instruments for LAN or LXI test systems. This product received the 'Most Practical piece of Test Equipment in 2008' Award from En-Genius

In 2009, ICS developed a GPIB-to-LAN Interface that adapts LAN instruments for use in GPIB test systems. ICS continues its work with the VXI Bus Consortium to develop the 4.0 Specification.

In 2010, ICS developed a custom LAN and GPIB to VXI Slot 0 Controller that adapts VXI modules for use in LAN and GPIB test systems.

In 2012, ICS released a GPIB to I2C Interface which received the ECN Reader Award for 2012.

In 2013, ICS developed a LXI compatible VXI Slot 0 card with Ethernet, GPIB and USB Interfaces.

In 2014, ICS developed an ANSI X3.28 to Modbus RTU Converter which allows obsolete controllers that use the ANSI X3.28 protocol to be replaced by modern controllers using the Modbus RTU protocol.

In 2015, A VXI Slot 0 Interface Board that ICS developed for OEM applications was LXI certified. The board was built using our 90xx architecture and many of the LXI features in its firmware have been incorporated into our 90xx series products.

In 2016, ICS introduced a Modular Switch Control System products the provide a flexible expansion base for controlling any size switching, attenuation, load or similar system.

Warranty, Sales and Refunds

ICS products are sold with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated. Purchaser may return standard products for a full refund if requested in the first 30 days after delivery. US prices are FOB San Jose, California.

Overseas distributor terms and conditions may vary. Please contact your local distributor for details.


ICS Electronics is based in Hayward, California and manufacturers its products in the United States. ICS also imports a small percentage of its ancillary products from Germany, Taiwan and the UK. ICS products are sold directly from the factory in the United States and through distributors in Canada, Europe and in Asia. ICS also has technical sales representatives in most major US cities to assist its customers.

ICS is constantly improving its products. Most ICS products are now RoHS compliant and our enclosed products have CE certificates for resale in the European Economic Community.

ICS Electronics is a division of Systems West, Inc. Systems West, Inc. which is a privately held Nevada Corporation. ICS Electronics qualifies as a small business for government procurements.

Cage code is 58558.
DUNS Number is 85-841-5185.