Firmware Updates and Support Utilities for 48xx Series Products

This page contains the latest Firmware Updates and Support Utility Programs for ICS's 48xx series Products with LAN (Ethernet) interfaces.

48xx Products without a LAN interface typically use a plug-in EPROM or Flash chip. Contact ICS Electronics to obtain an updated EPROM or Flash chip for your product.

General Instructions

Download the desired file into a temporary directory and extract the files. Follow the directions in the extracted Readme file to install the programs in your computer or click on the extracted installation program EXE file and follow the instructions on the screen to update your unit. Use the message form to email any questions about these programs to our support engineers.

CAUTION: Select the 4865 Update carefully. Installing the wrong update in your 4865 will cause it to stop working and require factory repair.

PC file is a zip file with rev 00.04 firmware for ICS's 4865 and N4865A GPIB to LAN Instrument Interfaces. This release adds an option to terminate a GPIB device message on an EOS character. Download the full 4865 Change History Report.

File size is 220 kbytes.

PC file is a zip file with rev 00.10 firmware for ICS's 4865B GPIB to LAN Instrument Interface. This release adds a variable for controlling the VXI11 timeout. For more details, download the full 4865B Change History Report.

File size is 230 kbytes.

PC file is a zip file with rev 00.02 firmware for ICS's 4872 GPIB to LAN Printer Interface. This release adds support for HP3563A Analyzer plot commands to the 4872.

File size is 242 kbytes.

Firmware Updates and Utilities for ICS Electronics 4865, 4865B and 4872 interfaces