GPIB Interfaces

All of ICS's GPIB Interfaces are IEEE_488.2 compliant and HP-IB compatible.

GPIB to Analog Interface

GPIB to Analog Interfaces

Isolated analog IO for controlling power supplies or other devices for instrumentation applications.

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4804B-7 ANSI X3.28 Interface

GPIB to ANSI X3.28 Controllers

Control older devices that use the ANSI X3.28 protocol from the GPIB Bus. Available in board or rack mountable Minibox™ form.

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4803-4863 Digital IO

GPIB to Digital Interfaces

40 to 128 Digital IO lines on boards or in an enclosed rack mountable Minibox™.

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4865B GPIB to Ethernet  Instrument Interface

GPIB to Ethernet Instrument

Adapts an Ethernet controlled instrument to the GPIB Bus. The easy way to replace an obsolete GPIB instrument.

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4864 Minibox and OEM Bd photo

GPIB Relays and Relay Drivers

16 relays or relay drivers on a board or in an enclosed rack mountable Minibox™.

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4802 I2C Inrerface

GPIB to I2C Interface

Controls I2C devices directly from the GPIB Bus.

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4892B GPIB Printer Interface

GPIB Printer Interfaces

Replace older GPIB Plotters and GPIB Printers with a new printer or record Analyzer output records in your PC.

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4806-4896 Serial Interfaces

GPIB to Serial Interfaces

Wide variety of single and quad channel Serial Interfaces on boards or in a rack mountable Minibox™ cases.

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GPIB Interfaces, IEEE-488.2 Interfaces, and HP-IB Interfaces, with Digital IO, Serial, Analog, Data Acquisition, Modbus RTU, Relays and Relay Drivers, Ethernet contrlled instruments.