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ICS's new series of Modbus RTU Converters are designed to keep your industrial equipment working as your older ANSI X3.28 and Modbus RTU devices wear out. Both converters do their jobs while maintaining the existing system software and at a cost that save you money.

The Model 2399 acts like a ANSI X3.28 Slave Device and drives a replacement Modbus RTU Slave Device. Using a 2399 to update older semiconductor fusion systems can save over $20,000 per system.

The Model 2390 Modbus Register Converter appears as an old Modbus RTU device and translates the register numbers and data types to work with a newer Modbus RTU Slave Device.

Both converters can also be used as a Serial to Modbus Controller letting you verify device connections and register selection before switching to the conversion mode.

The converters are customized by uploading register or command conversion information to an internal table. ICS's 239x Table Loader utility lets you upload the conversion data from an Excel worksheet.

Both units are enclosed in a EMI/RFI metal case and can be DIN rail or panel mounted.

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Note - 8055 Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface awarded Product of the Year by EN-Genius.

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