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PDF MSCS ICS announces a new Modular Switch Control System for relay and RF switching systems, attenuators, loads, digital I/O and similar chassis and systems. The Modular Switch Control System eliminates messy wiring, is easily scaleable for multi-chassis systems, provides for HMI type front panel controls and smart switching system firmware.

PDF Model 4842B Third generation of our GPIB controlled GPIB Bus Switch is now in a 1 'U' high, rack wide case. Three ports are now standard in the 4842B.

PDF Model 2399 Xon/Xoff protocol added to 2399 and Loader Utility released for loading the Command Table from an Excel cvs worksheet.

PDF Model 9006 New OEM board provides Ethernet, GPIB and USB to RS-232 and RS-485 signals for interfacing with serial devices.

PDF Model 2399 New ANSI X3.28 to Modbus RTU Converter also provides Serial control of Modbus RTU devices.

PDF Model 9009 New OEM board provides Ethernet, GPIB and USB interfaces to control Modbus RTU Devices. Includes html Instrument Control Page.

PDF Model 9065 2nd generatin Ethernet to GPIB Gateway is 2x to 4x faster and includes an html instrument Control page.

PDF Model 9099 2nd generation Ethernet to Modbus RTU Interface now includes Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU conversion.

PDF 488.2V4 Driver for Win 8 Reworked GPIB Driver Library now includes support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 operating systems.

PDF Model 4865B New GPIB-to-LAN Instrument Interface is 2x to 5x faster than the original 4865 and now interfaces, VXI-11, LXI and raw socket instruments.

PDF Model 2003 New USB to Digital Interface Board provides 40 user configurable TTL I/O lines. Interchangeable with ICS's 4803, 2303, and 8003 Digital Interface Boards.

PDF Model 4802 New GPIB Interface Board with I2C and 8-bit parallel ports. ECN Magazine Readers' Choice Award for 2012

PDF Model 4872 New GPIB-to-LAN Printer Interface allows older GPIB Analyzers and Instruments to print and plot to LAN printers and to save files on a PC.

PDF 488.2V4 Driver New GPIB Driver Library for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Main feature is its true 64-bit DLL.

PDF VXI4-Kits New shroudless VXI Module Shield Kits designed to accommodate 96-pin and 160-pin connectors per the recently approved VXI-1 revision 4.0 Specification.

PDF Model 8003 Small Ethernet-to-Digital Interface board with 40 digital I/O lines for controlling digital devices and transferring data in Ethernet or LXI compatible test chassis.

PDFModel 4865 GPIB-to-Ethernet Interfaces connects VXI-11 compatible LAN/LXI Instruments to the GPIB Bus

PDF8055 AWARD ICS's 8055 named 'Most Practical Piece of Test Equipment " for 2008 from EN-Genius.

PDF Model 4829A GPIB and RS-232-to-Modbus Interface Board controls one or more slave Modbus RTU devices over a RS-422 or RS-485 network. Ideal for Watlow EZ Zone and similar Modbus Controllers.

PDF Model 4808 GPIB and RS-232-to-RS-422/RS-485 Interface Board provides a GPIB and a RS-232 serial interface for serial devices with RS-422 or RS-485 differential signals.

PDF Model 8055 Ethernet-to-GPIB Instrument Interface adapts a GPIB/IEEE_488.2 instrument for use in Ethernet/LXI test systems. Works with Windows or UNIX/LINUX systems.

PDF Model 8064 Ethernet-to-Relay Interface Box provides 16 form 'A' contacts or relay drivers and isolated digital inputs for Ethernet or LXI test systems.

PDF Model 8099 Ethernet-to-Modbus Interface Box provides a VXI-11.3 interface to temperature chambers and other Modbus RTU devices to adapt them to Ethernet/LXI test systems.

PDF Model 8063 Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Box provides 48 digital I/O lines with a VXI-11.3 Interface for Ethernet and LXI test systems.

PDF 2007 Product Guide New short form catalog for 2007 describes ICS's new and current products for 2007.

PDF Model 488-LPCI PCI-to-GPIB Controller Card for controlling GPIB/HP-IB instruments from a computer's PCI bus. Fast 1 Mbyte per second data transfer rate and ICS's new 488.2V3 Driver Library.

PDF Model 488-USB2 USB-to-GPIB Controller Module for controlling GPIB/HP-IB instruments. Fast 1 Mbyte per second data transfer rate and ICS's new 488.2V3 Driver Library.

PDF Model 4813H GPIB-to-Digital Interface board set with 256 lines for controlling digital devices and transferring data.

PDF Model 8013 Ethernet-to-Digital Interface board with 128 digital I/O lines for controlling digital devices and transferring data in Ethernet or LXI compatible test chassis.

PDF Model 8065 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller for controlling GPIB instruments over a TCP/IP network or over the Internet.

PDF GPIB AnyWhere software for controlling GPIB instruments from anywhere over a company network or over the Internet.

PDF Model 2313 Serial-to-Parallel Interface card provides 128 I/O lines with an IEEE-488.2 compatible command structure.

PDF Model 4866 Smart GPIB-to-Serial Interface provides a true IEEE-488.2 compatible interface for serial devices.

PDF Model 4897 New High-Speed Bus Extender for Fiber-optic and metallic cables is fully IEEE-488.2 Compatible.

PDF Model 4860A New GPIB Isolators and /Expanders are FindListen compatible.

PDF VXI-5562 New VXI Module with dual hi-speed Serial Channels for binary data.

PDF Model 1105 New USB-to-GPIB Hub Controller to mixed GPIB and USB test systems

PDF 488-USB New USB-to-GPIB Controller Module for PCs with a USB port.

PDF Model 4867 New GPIB Data Acquisition and Control Module has analog, digital and temperature sensing capabilities

PDF Model 4813 New GPIB-to-Digital Interface Card features 128 lines for OEM applications.

PDFModel 2307 New Serial Data Acquisition and Control Board has analog, digital and temperature sensing capabilities

PDFVXI-5539A New VXI Module with 4 or 8 Serial Interfaces handles asynchronous and SDLC data.

PDFModel 4823B New GPIB-to-Digital Interface Card with 56 I/O lines replaces older 4823A card with a modern IEEE-488.2 interface.

PDFModel 4806 New low-cost GPIB and Serial Interface Card for controlling serial devices.

PDFModel 4899 New GPIB Interface Module for controlling Modbus slave devices. Performs GPIB to Modbus RTU protocol conversion.

PDFModel 4809 New GPIB Interface Card for controlling Modbus slave devices. Performs GPIB to Modbus RTU protocol conversion.

PDFVXI-5502 New prototyping system for developing VXIbus modules announced by ICS Electronics. The new system provides the user with two prototyping sections, a register based interface and a selection of VXI hardware-shield kits to make virtually any kind of a VXI module.

PDFModel 488-PCI New low-cost, GPIB Controller card for PCs with a PCI bus. The 488-PCIincludes Window 95/98 drivers for Visual C++, Visual Basic and other windows compatible languages plus ICS's Keyboard Controller program. Drivers use ICS and National Instruments command sets.

PDFVXI-5524 New low-cost, register-based VXIbus Interface announced for building VXIbus modules. The small size of the VXI-5524 makes it suitable for 'B' and 'C' size modules. The Model VXI-5524 is the first interface module that complies with theVXI-1 and VXI-2 Specifications for Extended Register-Based Devices.

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