VXI Specifications

The following specifications are copies of the latest VXI Specifications used in ICS Electronics products and are presented here by permission of the VXI Consortium. The specifications on this page are only a part of the VXI Specifications and the user should contact the VXI Consortium for a complete set of specifications.

The VXI-10 Specification deals with the Fast Data Channel protocols. It is available as a Word document that can be viewed by Microsoft Word and as an acrobat PDF file that can be viewed with the acrobat reader. If you do not have an acrobat reader, click on the acrobat reader link to download a free copy of the reader. Click on the appropriate specification number to download a copy of the VXI-10 Specification.

PDF VXI-10.pdf is the Acrobat version of the VXI-10 Fast Data Channel Specification. File size is 179 KBytes.

PC file VXI-10.doc is the Microsoft Word version of the VXI-10 Fast Data Channel Specification. File size is 340 Kbytes.

The VXI-11 Specification is in four parts and covers the VXI-11 protocol and its application to VXI bus Instruments, Ethernet-to-GPIB Controllers and Ethernet Instruments. All four parts are included in the pdf archive file.

PDF VXI-11.zip is an archive file that contains all of the VXI-11 Specifications including VXI-11.2 and VXI-11.3. File size is 272 Kbytes.

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