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GPIB Controllers

ICS's new 488.2V4 Driver Library with true x32 and x64 support provides the operational framework for our new series of GPIB Controllers.

Our GPIB Controllers can be used in a small, single controller system and in large systems that require multiple GPIB Controllers. Select from:

Model 488-USB2 with > 1 Mbs data transfer rate.

Model 488-LPCI card for standard and lo-profile PCs

Model 488-PXI for PXI and compact PCI chassis

Use with 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

The GPIB controller supports Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, C, C++, Visual C, LabVIEW and VEE.

Includes ICS's Explorer plus many utilities and programming examples. For more information see our GPIB Tutorial.

GPIB Bus Products
GPIB Controllers
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GPIB to I2C ECN Reader Award for 2012
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VXI-11 Ethernet Products
Ethernet to GPIB Controller (VXI-11 Gateway)
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Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface See note
Ethernet to Modbus RTU Interfaces
Ethernet to Relays/Relay Driver Interface
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Ethernet Accessories

Note - 8055 Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface awarded Product of the Year by EN-Genius.

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Modbus, ANSI and Specialty Products
Data Acquisition Boards and Enclosed Boxes
ANSI X3.28 to Modbus RTU Converter
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GPIB to Modbus RTU Slave Devices

Modular Switch Control Products
Modular Switch Control System NEW!

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