Ethernet Gateways and Interfaces Selection Guide

ICS Electronics makes a wide variety of VXI-11 compliant, Ethernet Gateways and Interfaces that:
- Control GPIB Instruments
- Interface to digital signals, relay drivers or relay contacts
- Interface and control Modbus RTU serial devices
- Convert 488.2 GPIB devices into VXI-11.3 instruments.

All ICS LAN (Ethernet) Interfaces are IEEE-488.2 compliant, utilize SCPI command sets, and include internal WebServers for easy setup.

ICS's LAN (Ethernet) Interfaces use RPC and the VXI-11 protocol for secure communication with virtually any computer and compliance with LXI's VXI-11 Discovery method. The VXI-11 protocol makes ICS's interfaces easily controllable from LINUX, UNIX, SunOS, Apple OS X, HP-UX, IBM-AIX and Windows 2K or later Windows systems with a VISA library. To learn more about VXI-11 and how it benefits your Ethernet-based test system, download our new VXI-11 Tutorial or a copy of the VXI-11 Specification.

Ethernet to GPIB Controller

8065 Model 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Gateway VXI-11 Ethernet to GPIB Gateway controls the GPIB bus and up to 14 GPIB devices from your PC's Ethernet port, over the company network or over the internet. The Model 9065 replaces the earlier Model 8065. Contact ICS for 8065 availability.  

Ethernet VXI-11 Interfaces

8055 Model 9055 Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface Adds a VXI-11.3 compatible Ethernet Interface to a GPIB Instrument  
8003 Photo 8003 Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board VXI-11.3 Digital I/O Board with 40 user configurable I/O lines for controlling digital devices, relays or for reading data

8013 LAN to Digital Interface Board 8013 Ethernet to Digital Interface Board

VXI-11.3 Digital I/O Board with 128 user configurable, I/O lines for controlling logic, switches, relays or other devices in a test system

4863 LAN to Digital Interface 8063 Ethernet to Digital Interface VXI-11 Digital I/O Interface with 48 user configurable heavy-duty TTL lines.  
8064 Lan Relay Interface 8064 Ethernet to Relay Interface VXI-11 to Relay Interface with 16 form 'A' contacts or 16 relay driver outputs plus 8 isolated digital inputs.  
9009 Interface Board 9009 Ethernet, GPIB and USB to Modbus RTU Board. Multi-Interface, Multi-protocol, Ethernet, GPIB and USB to Modbus RTU Interface Board controls RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus RTU slave devices


9099 Modbus RTU Interface 9099 Ethernet to Modbus RTU Interface or Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU converter. Multi-protocol, VXI-11 to Modbus RTU, raw socket to Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU converter controls RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus RTU devices from a network or over the Internet


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