GPIB Analog Interfaces

ICS's GPIB to Analog Interfaces are designed to provide isolated analog and digital drive signals to control power supplies and other devices. Optional isolated Analog inputs. Available in rack mountable Miniboxes™ and OEM board versions. All of ICS's GPIB to Analog Interfaces are fully IEEE-488.2 compliant and HP-IB compatible.

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Model 4861B GPIB Analog Interface

4861B Data Sheet
4861B GPIB to Analog Interface datasheet
Photo- 4861B GPIB to Analog Interface
Model 4861B-24 Provides four isolated analog outputs with programmable ranges.

• Provides four isolated high-current drive signals and 8 digital inputs.

• Includes 4 floating analog inputs

• 1 U high rack mount kit mounts one or two 4861Bs.

• Includes US 115 VAC Power Adapter

• Compatible with our earlier 4861 and 4861As.

Model 4861B-24-I adds isolation to the fourth analog input channel.

• All other specifications the same as for the 4861B-24 GPIB to Analog Interface.


Model 4861B OEM Analog Interface Boards

4861B Data Sheet
4861B Board GPIB Analog Interface datasheet
Photo- 4861B OEM Board photo

114578-24 board has 4 isolated analog outputs, 4 isolated analog inputs, 4 isolated drivers and 8 digital inputs

• GPIB interface header includes GPIB address switch input signals.

• Serial interface header includes RS-232 and RS-485 signals. Use the 114597 Serial Cable Kit to connect the serial signals to your rear panel

• Use with any ICS GPIB Connector/Address Switch Assembly.

• Runs on 12 Vdc regulated power.

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