GPIB Controlled GPIB Bus Switch

ICS's 4842B GPIB Bus Switch shares GPIB instruments with multiple Controllers or lets one Controller control three GPIB buses.

The Model 4842B is a GPIB controlled Bus Switch that makes it easy for two or three controllers to control a common set of instruments of for a single controller to control two or three GPIB buses and up to 39 instruments.

Model 4842B GPIB Bus Switch

Photo- 4842B GPIB Bus Switch • Operates as a 1:2 or as a 1:3 bus switch, permitting a single
controller to operate up to three IEEE 488 Bus systems.

• Operates as a 2:1 or 3:1 multiplexer so two or three bus controllers can share a common set of GPIB instruments.

• Has its own GPIB Address for easy control by the test program.

• Transparent, high data transfer rate does not affect existing programs.

• Adds up to 39 devices to your test system.

• 1 U high, rack wide case easily mounts in your test system rack.

• Includes rack mounting ears, a universal power supply and maual.

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GPIB controlled GPIB Bus Switch