GPIB to Ethernet Instrument Interfaces

ICS offers two GPIB to Ethernet Interfaces, one for general instruments and one for printers.


4865B GPIB to Ethernet Instrument Interface

4865B Data Sheet
4865B • Adapts LAN instruments to GPIB Test Systems.

• Transparently passes all commands to the companion LAN instrument.

• AutoFind feature simplifies instrument linkage.

• Supports VXI-11 and raw socket instrument communication.

• Saves instrument replacement costs and helps reuse existing test software.

• Easy configuration from any web browser.

• 1 U high rack mount kit mounts one or two 4865Bs.

• Includes universal 115/230 VAC Power Adapter.

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4865B OEM Boards

4865B OEM Board and Cable photo 115895 Board with 114439 Cable

• Embed the GPIB-to-Ethernet Interface in your instrument.

• Available in three different connector configurations.

• Mount against the rear panel with the GPIB Connector protruding thru the rear panel. Order P/N 115907

• Mount inside the chassis and use an inexpensive flat-ribbon cable to a GPIB connector on the rear panel. Order P/N 115895.

• Mount inside the chassis and use a GPIB extension cable to a GPIB connector on the rear panel. Order P/N 115897.

• Runs on instrument's DC power.

• Same specifications and performance as the 4865B Minibox™ version.

GPIB to Ethernet interface for test and measurement systems