GPIB I2C Interface Board

ICS's GPIB to I2C Interface Board is an IEEE-488.2 GPIB and HP-IB compatible interface for I2c and SMB devices.


Model 4802 GPIB to I2C and 8-Bit Data Bus Interface

Data Sheet
4809A GPIB to Modbus RTU Interface Board
Photo- 4802 GPIB to I2C Interface Board

• Controls I2C devices, parallel logic and serial devices.

• I2C Master controls I2C and SMB Bus devices with clock rates up to 1 MHz.

• 8-bit Parallel Bus drives external logic

• Asynchronous Serial Port with TTL levels.

• Easy to program with SCPI commands.

• Fully integrates as part of your system or product.

• Lock feature protects your configuration and IDN message.

• Easily powered from your existing 5 - 15 V power supplies.

• Connect to rear panel GPIB connector with a GPIB Flat-ribbon Cable or with a GPIB COnnector/Address Switch Assembly

• Designed with the OEM in mind.

New 4872 GPIB LAN Printer Interface

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