GPIB to Ethernet Instrument Interface

ICS's 4865B GPIB to Ethernet Instrument Interface adapts instruments with Ethernet interfaces to GPIB test systems.

ICS's 4865B provides a VXI-11 compliant interface for instruments that support the VXI-11 protocol and a smart, user-configurable, raw socket protocol that accommodates most instruments that use raw sockets. The 4865B replaces our earlier Model 4865 and is 2x to 5x faster than the original Model 4865. Click here for the original 4865 webpage.

Model 4865B GPIB to Ethernet to Instrument Interface

Download 4865B Data Sheet
4865B datasheet
Photo- 4865B GPIB to Ethernet Instrument Interface • Adds a GPIB Interface to Instruments with a VXI-11 or Raw Socket Ethernet Interface.

• Transparent data transfer handles ASCII and binary data.

• Controllable with any IEEE-488.2 GPIB Controller

• VXI-11 protocol supports control, abort and reverse channels.

• Raw Socket protocol includes substitute command strings for GPIB Device Trigger, Device Clear and Interface Clear.

• Auto-Find feature simplifies instrument linkage

• Reuses existing test software with new Ethernet instruments.

• Easy configuration with the 4865B's internal webserver.

• Drop in replacement for the original Model 4865 with 2x to 5x speed increase.

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OEM Board Version

Download 4865B Data Sheet
4865B datasheet
        4865B OEM Board photo

• Board version of the 4865B for mounting inside instruments.

• Same specifications as listed above for the 4865B.

• Does not include 4865B accessory items.

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