Relay Terminal Board and Terminal Strip

ICS's Relay Terminal Board and Terminal Strip provide an easy way to connect to ICS's 2364, 4864 and 8064 Relay Interfaces. Use with relay contacts or relay driver variations. Also works with OEM board verstions of the Relay Interfaces.


xx64 Relay Terminal Board

Photo- 4864 Relay Termnal Board • 115750 Terminal Board fits all 2364, 4864 and 8064 Relay Interfaces and OEM boards.

• Easy screw connections to all xx64 IO lines.

• Screw terminals for 16 sets of relay contacts or relay drivers and 8 isolated digital inputs plus support lines.

• Board size is 5.5 inch long x 4.5 inch wide.

• Accepts AWG 16-30 guage wire.

• Remove spring bail clips to install on the Relay Output Connector.


xx64 Relay Terminal Strip

Terminal Board Data Sheet
Photo- 4864 Terminal Strip • 114534-60 Terminal Strip fits all 2364, 4864 and 8064 Relay Inerfaces and OEM boards.

• 19 inch wide x 1.72 inch high terminal strip mounts on relay rack rear mounting rails.

• 60 cm (23.6 inch) long, flat ribbon cable connector plugs into the xx64 Relay Output Connector.

• Push-button actuated cage clamps™ eliminate wire stripping.

• Accepts AWG 20-28 guage wire.

• Built on a 0.125 thick flame resistant PCB to minimize bending.

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