Modbus Register Converter - Serial to Modbus RTU Interface

Translates Modbus registers and variable types from an older Modbus devices to a new Modbus device. The Model 2390 allows upgrading Modbus RTU devices without changing the system software. The 2390 also provides serial control of Modbus RTU devices for new applications that want the ease of using simple ASCII commands strings when controlling Modbus RTU devices.

Model 2390 Modbus Register Converter

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Photo- 2390 Modbus Register Converter

• Converts Modbus Registers and variables for replacement Modbus devices.

• Maintain existing software when upgrading Modbus systems.

• Provides serial control of Modbus RTU devices from any ASCII source.

• User defined Register Conversion Table supports all Modbus RTU devices.

• Internal Register Conversion Tables for Watlow F4-to-EZ-ZONE and F4-to-F4T conversion.

• Serial ports support RS-232 and 2-wire/4-wire RS-485 signals.

• Includes baud rate conversion capability.

• Uses SCPI commands to load the Conversion Table and set serial settings.

• Small metal case mounts on a DIN rail or on any flat panel.

• 239x Table Loader Program uploads the 2390 Register Conversion Table from an Excel csv file.

• 239x Serial Keyboard Program provides instant control of the 2390 and Modbus Slave Devices without writing a program.

Download Programs

2399Ser_Kybd Program

239x Table Loader Program


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