Serial to Digital Interface MiniBox™

ICS's 2363 Serial Digital Interface provides a fully enclosed parallel interface that is suitable for benchtop or rack mount applications. OEM board versions available for inclusion in test chassis.

Model 2363 Serial Digital Interface

Download the 2363
Data Sheet
Serial Connector/Address Switch datasheet
photo- 2363 Serial to Digital Minibox • Provides 48 high-power TTL I/O lines that can sink 48 mA or source 24 mA.

• Easily interfaces to TTL or CMOS signals and contact closures.

• User can configure the data bytes as inputs or outputs.

• Transfer data as bits, bytes or data strings.

• RS-232 and RS-485 Serial IO.

• 1 U high rack mount kit mounts one or two 2363s

• Includes US 115 VAC Power Adapter

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Model 2363 OEM Digital Interface Boards

Download the 2363
Data Sheet
Serial Connector/Address Switch datasheet
Photo- 2363 Serial to Digital OEM Board • 114515 Board has same digital capability as the 2363 described above with Serial and GPIB IO.

• Serial interface header includes RS-232 and RS-485 signals. Use the 114597 Serial Cable Kit to connect the serial signals to your rear panel

• GPIB header mates with 113640 or 113642 GPIB Connector/Address Switch Cable Assemblies

• Accepts 9-32 Vdc power.

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