USB Product Accessories

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USB Cables

USB Cable    
Photo- USB Cable 106020 is a USB 'A' male plug to USB 'B' male plug, 6 foot long shielded cable for connecting computers or hubs to the USB device.  
USB Extension Cables    
Photo- short USB Extension Cable

USB Extension Cables are USB 'B' female to USB 'B' male cables that extend the USB connection from a USB device to the rear panel of the host chassis.
Part number 895016 is 1 foot long.
Part number 895017 is 2 feet long.




Mating Connectors

Mating Din Connectors
Photo ICS's mating DIN Connectors Mating DIN Connectors for 2003 USB Interface Cards. Available with solder eyelet, dip solder, and right-angle pins  

Mating Cables

xx03 Digital I/O Flat Ribbon Cable
Photo- 2003 Open-end Cable Digital I/O Flat-ribbon Cable plugs into the 2003 Digital Interface Board . Open-end rainbow colored cable is 5 feet long. Download the Ribbon Cable Data Sheet as a PDF file.  

Relay Drivers and Connector Boards

Relay Driver Boards for the 2003
Photo- 2003 Relay Driver Board xx03DVR Board provides 24 to 40 high power relay drivers with screw terminals. Up to 16 lines can be directly connected to the 2003 board and used as TTL IO lines. The xx03DVR board derives its power from the external relay power supply and supplies 5 Vdc power to the 2003. A 2003 board with the Digital connector on the circuit side (P/N 114732) sits on top of the xx03DVR Board. Download the Relay Driver Data sheet as a PDF file.    
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