VXI C-Size Blank Board


115250 VXI Blank Board

Photo- VXI Blank PC Board

• C-Size blank PC Board for mounting devices, modules or circuits.

• Includes VXIbus P1 and P2 connectors and decoupled power pads.

• Includes pads for all VXI bus signals.

• Includes pad patterns for common front panel connectors, LEDs, and a Reset Switch.

• Includes CAD Design aids for Schematic Capture, PC board layout and front panel machining.

• Use with ICS 1, 2 and 3-slot wide Module Shield Kits to create a complete enclosed module.

• Use with ICS Front Panel Kits to add a front panel and ejectors to the blank board.

115250 Blank Board
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gigabit ethernet switch

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VXI Blank PCB with decoupled power for assembling VXI modules without a VXIbus interface