ICS's Modular Switch Control system is an expandable system for controlling RF Switches, attenuators, digital I/O and other switching systems. ICS's MSCS is an quick way to create flexible switching systems of any size. The advanced features in ICS's Modular Switch Control System are based on over 16 years experience in switching systems.

Modular Switch Control System (MSCS)

Photo- MSC02 Maser Control Board
Photo- I2C01 Switch Control Module

• Provides all the control hardware needed for any size switching system.

• Configurable firmware handles RF Switches, relays, attenuators and digital I/O.

• MSC02 Master Control Board provides serial, ethernet or USB interfaces.

• I2C01 Switch Control Modules piggyback on user's driver boards and provide the intelligent control of your drivers or digital I/O boards.

• Advanced firmware includes switch assignments, switch matrix setup, switch paths, attenuator setup and user IDN message.

• System reads switch read back contacts, digital inputs, local temperature and checks for open coils.

• System drives a front panel HMI color touch panel to give a user local control and status display.

• Inexpensive CAT5 cables interconnect the Master board with the distributed Switch Modules.

• Eliminates messy wiring bundles, reduces RFI and cuts fabrication costs.

• Parser supports IEEE-488.2 Common Commands and uses SCPI Commands for switching and setup.

• Optional GPIB, Modbus or VXI-11 Interface by adding an ICS 9006 Interface Card.

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