This page contains the GPIB Driver Installation Programs for ICS's older 488-PC1A and 488-PC2 ISA bus GPIB Controllers. Do not use these programs with GPIB Interfaces or with other company's GPIB Controllers!


488-PC2 Cards

Windows Drivers - The 488.2 Windows Drivers for ICS's 488-PC2 GPIB Controller Card include 32-bit DLLs for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 applications, ICS's interactively Windows Keyboard Controller program, Visual Basic and C/C++ program examples. The 488-PC2 Manual provides complete instructions for using the 488.2 Drivers and for preparing Windows and DOS programs. Includes the IEEE-488.2 command set and protocols. Click on the link below to start your download. Read the Readme file in the new directory after unzipping the files.
PC file PC2_SETUP.EXE will install the correct files for your operating system. The driver is version 5. File size is 840 Kbytes.
DOS libraries for the 488-PC2 GPIB Controller Card are contained in the 123079 zip file. 123079V4 also includes ICS's PC2_KYBD program for controlling GPIB devices from the computer's keyboard and program examples.

DOS Drivers - To install the DOS files, create a temporary directory on your hard disk, i.e. mkdir c:\temp_pc. Download and copy the 123079V4.exe file to the new directory. Run the 123079V4.exe program which should explode and make a list of deflated files. From the menu bar, select the SELF EXTRACT > EXTRACT FILES option. Check the ALL FILES box and CONTINUE. The zipit program will inflate the files into sub-directories in the temporary directory. Follow the instructions in the 488-PC2 manual to install the 488.2 DOS Driver files.
PC file 123079V4.exe is a self-exploding zip file. File size is 944Kbytes.


488-PC1A Cards

DOS libraries for ICS's old 488-PC1a GPIB Controller Card include BASIC, Quick Basic, C and Pascal libraries and example programs. Click the following link to start the download.
PC file is a zip file with DOS libraries. File size is 388Kbytes.


Visual Basic programs will need Microsoft's VB6_Runtime_Files if you do not have Visual Basic on your computer. Clink the link to download the VB6_Runtime_Files.
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