GPIB and RS-232 to Modbus RTU Interface Board

ICS's Model 4829A provides GPIB and RS-232 inputs to control Modbus RTU Slave Devices with RS-485 signals. The 4829A mounts on the rear panel with its GPIB and RS-232 connector protruding through the rear panel to make an economical installation for OEM applications.

The Model 4829A is easily controllable with any GPIB Controller and test application software such as Agilent VEE, National Instruments' LabVIEW, Visual Basic and C/C++.

Use the Model 4819A board to control Modbus RTU devices that require RS-232 signals.

Model 4829A GPIB to Modbus RTU Interface

Data Sheet
4829A GPIB and RS-232 to Modbus RTU device
Photo- 4829A GPIB to Modbus RTU Interface Board

• Provides GPIB and RS-232 control of Modbus RTU devices that use RS-485 signals.

• Converts simple GPIB commands into Modbus RTU messages

• Includes floating point commands for newer Modbus Controllers.

• Handles all packet formatting,CRC generation and response checking.

• The RS-232 control path includes a RS-232 to RS-485 conversion.

• Easily configured from GPIB bus with SCPI commands.

• All settings saved in non-volatile flash.

• Designed for rear panel mounting to save space and cable cost.

• Diagnostic LEDs show address and operating status.

• RoHS compliant construction.

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Model 4829A GPIB and RS-232 to Modbus RTU converter for RS-485 Slave Devices