GPIB to Modbus RTU

ICS's Model 4899A GPIB to Modbus RTU Interface uses a simple, GPIB friendly command set to control Modbus RTU slave devices. The Model 4899A is easily controllable with any GPIB Controller and test application software such as Agilent VEE, National Instruments' LabVIEW, Visual Basic and C/C++.

For troubleshooting 4899A and Modbus communication problems see AB48-49

Model 4899A GPIB to Modbus RTU Interface

Photo- 4899A GPIB to Modbus Interface

• Converts simple commands into Modbus RTU messages

• Includes floating point commands for newer Modbus Controllers.

• Handles all packet formatting,CRC generation and response checking.

• Provides single ended RS-232 and differential RS-485 output signals.

• Adds an IEEE-488.2 Interface to any Modbus RTU device.

• Easily configured from GPIB bus with SCPI commands.

• All settings saved in non-volatile flash.

• Small Minibox case for easy mounting anywhere.

• Front panel LEDs show address and operating status.

• RoHS compliant construction.

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Model 4899A GPIB to Modbus RTU converter RS-232 and RS-485 Slave Devices