GPIB Products

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All of ICS's GPIB Product Devices are IEEE_488.2 compliant and HP-IB compatible.

GPIB Interfaces

GPIB to Analog, Digital, Printers, Relays, Relay Drivers, and Serial I/O. In OEM boards form or enclosed Miniboxes™ New I2C Interface Board.

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Photo- 4807 and 4867 DAQ Interfaces

Data Acquisition and Control

Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Relay Drivers and Temperature measurements on a board or in an enclosed rack mountable Minibox™.

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Photo- GPIB to Printer Interfaces

GPIB Printer Interfaces

Replace older GPIB Plotters and GPIB Printers with a new printer or record Analyzer output records in your PC.

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Photo- 4860A GPIB Bus Isolator

Bus Isolators/Expanders

2000 V of isolation and expand the number of devices on the GPIB bus

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Photo- 4819A Modbus RTU Interface Board and 4899A Box

Modbus RTU Interfaces

Variety of GPIB to Modbus RTU Interfaces for test engineers and OEM equipment designers.

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GPIB Bus Switch

Share instruments with multiple GPIB Controllers or control multiple buses from one GPIB Controller.

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