VXI Register-based Interface Board


VXI-5524A VXI Register Interface Board

VXI-5524A Register Interface

• VXI Register Interface mates with user's PCB to form a B or C-size module.

• 48 Digital IO Lines - Three 16-bit registers set as latched outputs or gated inputs.

• 16 line bi-directional expansion bus for driving external logic.

• Digital IO and VXIbus lines are 3.3V logic levels and 5 V tolerant for compatibility with new 3.3V logic and older 5V VXIbus signals.

• The VXI-5524A board is a complete VXI-1 Rev 1.4 and VXI-2 compliant register-based interface.

• User configurable model number, manufacturer ID, version and serial numbers.

• Two companion component boards available for prototyping IC or RF assemblies.

• Companion hardware kits available for building 1, 2 or 3-slot wide modules.

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VXI-5524A Data Sheet
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