ISA bus GPIB Controller Card for PCs with an ISA bus

Model 488-PC2 ISA bus GPIB Controller Card

Photo- 488-PC2 ISA bus GPIB Controller Card

• Adds GPIB Controller capability to any PC with an ISA bus.

• Fast data transfer rate, > 300kbytes per second.

• Drivers for MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98.

• IEEE-488.2 linkable libraries for Quick Basic, MS Visual Basic, Borkand C/C++ andMicrosoft C/C++.

• Functions as System Controller, Controller-in-charge or a GPIB Device.

• Replaces most generic ISA 7210 Cards and NI PC2a cards.

• Includes interactive keyboard Control Utility for controlling instruments from the computer keyboard without writing a program.

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