USB Interfaces Selection Guide

All of ICS's USB Interfaces provide IEEE-488.2 compatibility.
Photo- 2003 USB to Digital Interface Board

Model 2003

Digital Interface Board

40 Digital IO lines with optional relay driver board.

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Photo- 9006 USB/GPIB/Ethernet to serial board

Model 9006

Serial Interface Board

Smart Ethernet/GPIB/USB to Serial Interface board adds multiple interfaces for older serial devices and embedded processor boards.

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Ohoto- 9009 Ethernet/GPIB/USB to Modbus RTU board

Model 9009

Modbusl Interface Board

Ethernet/GPIB/USB to Modbus RTU Interface board for controlling Modbus RTU devices.

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USB interfaces, USB to digital, USB to modbus RTU, USB to Serial, USB toRS-232, USB to RS-485.