Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface

ICS's Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface is a VXI-11 compliant Instrument Interface that does not require any drivers and is compatible with the following systems:

LINUX, UNIX, SunOS, MAC OS X, HP-UX, IBM-AIX and Windows 2K or later Windows systems.

ICS's LAN to GPIB Instrument Interface uses VXI-11 RPC calls for secure communication with virtually any computer. ICS Electronics is the premier VXI-11 device supplier with 100% VXI-11 compliance in every product. To learn more about the VXI-11 protocol and how it benefits your system, download our new VXI-11 Tutorial or a copy of the VXI-11 Specification.

LAN GPIB Instrument Interface

Model 8065 is an LAN to GPIB Gateway 8055 Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface is a VXI-11 Instrument Interface that adapts any GPIB/IEEE-488.2 compatible instrument for operation in a LXI or Ethernet-based test system. Converts the GPIB Instrument into an VXI-11.3 Instrument. May also be used as a remote Internet to GPIB Instrument Interface.

An internal Web Server lets the user change the network settings from any web browser. Use ICS's VXI-11 Keyboard Controller program or ICS's VISA keyboard program for instant control from a PC without writing a program. Download the 8055 Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface data sheet as a PDF file. Selected as the most innovative product of the year by En-Genius. Read the EN-Genius 8055 Product Review.

Use the Model 8065 to control multiple GPIB Devices over the Ethernet or Internet.

Product of the Year Award winner
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  Notes: *The 8055 is a a VXI-11.3 Interface. The 8055 may also be described as a LAN to GPIB INstrument Interface or as an VXI-11 to GPIB Instrument Interface.  
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