GPIB Gateway for MAC OS X, Linux and Unix Computers

ICS's Model 9065 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller is easily controlled by any MAC, Linux or Unix computer. The 9065 simply connects to the computer's Ethernet port, to the company network or to the Internet. Because the 9065 does not require special drivers, operating system upgrades are not a problem with the 9065.

ICS's 9065 uses VXI-11 RPC calls for easy programming. See Application Note AB80-12 for directions on how to generate the RPC libraries in your MAC, Linux or Unix machine and start programming in less than two hours. Download our VXI-11 Tutorial or a copy of the VXI-11 Specification for more information about the VXI-11 Standard.

Ethernet GPIB Controller for MACs, Unix or Linux Computers

9065 Data Sheet
Photo- 9065 GPIB gateway The Model 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller controls the GPIB bus and instruments from your computer's Ethernet port, over the company network or over the internet. The 9065 is fully VXI-11 compatible* so you can use RPC calls or Java to run the 9065 from Apple OS X and all UNIX and Linux like systems without special drivers. An internal Web Server lets you change the 9065's network settings from any web browser such as Safari, Firefox etc. Download the 9065 Ethernet to GPIB controller data sheet as a PDF file.
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  Notes: *The 9065 is a VXI-11.2 and a VXI-11.3 compliant Ethernet Gateway. The 9065 may also be described as a Linux GPIB Gateway, as a Unix GPIB Gateway or as an MAC GPIB Gateway. Use the 9065 to replace Agilent's E2050 and E5810s with minimal or no program changes.  
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